Pumpkin t-shirts

October 29, 2008

Last week, we decided to make pumpkin tie- dyed t-shirts for the Kindergarten Fall Festival.
We invited our friends, Elijah, Benjamin, and Mrs. Amy to join us for the fun.
This is Benjamin. He is “three and three quarters, and soon he’ll be four.”
Apparantly if you wanted orange tie dye, you needed to purchase it weeks ago because there was none to be found. We ended up using a paint spray. That was scary.
Here are J and E spraying their shirts (and the counter and sink).Then, Amy and I decided it would be best to just add the rest of the dye to water and soak the shirts in the sink.
Smart, right?

Well, it worked. They weren’t as vibrant or detailed as I had imagined, but here is the finished product. We drew several small pumpkin faces on D’s shirt (with a sharpie) and one large face on J’s shirt.
Cute, huh?
And, it was fun!

Of course Friday was the rainiest day that we had in Georgia all year, so I was very afraid that we were going to turn into oompa-loompas. The gods were in favor of us retaining our current skin tone though, so no early Willy Wonka costumes this year.


4 Responses to “Pumpkin t-shirts”

  1. Andrea Says:

    very cute… and I liked yours, too!

  2. Jackamo Says:

    Super cute! We were going to make ghost shirts, but it never happened. Oh well…next year!

  3. Kim Thomas Says:

    I love these shirts!

  4. Kim Thomas Says:

    I must add an additional comment. I think I saw you and waved from the car when I was visiting last week. I had never realized there was a neighbor of my dear friend that was a blogger. Now as I read your blog I feel like I missed out on a big opprotunity! If I had stalked your blog too we might be friends!

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