Fall Family Camping

October 19, 2009

At the beginning of the school year, J-Man came home from school begging to go to the Cub Scout information meeting. I don’t know what the council is paying that recruiter, but they need to raise his salary. J-Man was insistent!
So, against my better judgement, I sent The Man with him just to see what it was all about- with strict instructions not to volunteer for anything! And, definitely DO NOT mention that you are an Eagle Scout because they will have you running the pack. They came home that evening the newest Cub Scout and Den Leader.
I must admit that they are BOTH having a blast in Scouts, and it really does teach the kids a lot of value added lessons.
This weekend was Cub Scout Family Camping Weekend (on the coldest weekend of the year- freezing temps threatened). On Friday afternoon when we were offered a perfectly wonderful, warm, cozy cabin to stay in, I tried to sway them, but I lost. Since there was NO chance of rain in the forecast, I went along. I actually enjoy camping, and prefer cold weather camping, but I cannot handle rain.
At the den meeting before we left, the boys made fire starters, and practiced setting up and taking down a tent.

We were assigned a campsite on the side of a mountain, and this area had to accommodate nineteen families. They were like sardines for the second night, which was fortunate since there was snow in the forecast. We’re not sure if the boys earned thier polar bear patch (for camping when the temp drops below 32 degrees), but they sure did come close if not.

We had to fight not to slide down the hill all night as we slept. Good times!

Since it rained the first night, and off and on all day Saturday, I had to sacrifice and take D-Man home. It was difficult to sleep in my nice warm bed with the heat on.
But, we stayed through the day Saturday and had a blast.

We started up a whole new generation of pyromaniacs.

Both boys got to shoot bb guns…

Looking so studly in the safety goggles…

…and, bow and arrows…

It is difficult to see below, but J-Man got a bullseye, and hit the target four other times. He also won the award for the day for launching one of his arrows the farthest beyond the target. We had to send out a search party.

The only thing that we didn’t get to do was fish. It was quite devastating! Look at that face.

Someone totally cheated!!!!!!!!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! All three boys had a blast, and they can’t wait to do it again.


September 13, 2009

Let me apologize to anyone who stumbles upon this blog today. I am going to be bragging unashamedly on my son, the triathlete, and there will be an ungodly amount of photos!
J-Man did a triathalon today. 50 meter swim, 2 mile bike, and 500 meter run! He did so awesome!!!!!

He waited patiently to jump into the pool, and then he passed four kids in the water. He did not hold back…
Until he got out of the water and decided to use his first transition time to pose for the camera and wave to the crowd.
Here he is posing with his brother, and ready for the race in his transition area. Check out that stud! As we walked into the park to prepare, he asked, “I wonder how I am going to win this thing?”

Thumbs up! Look at all of those yellow caps.

Jumping in the water!

That is J-Man’s yellow head climbing out of the pool (ahead of everyone, I might add).

Taking his time in T1.

Out on the bike.

Go speed racer!


Out for the run…
Look at that determination!!!


This is what D-Man thought of the situation at times.

Our friend Sarah Grace competed as well. Here they are trying to act “too cool” at the finish line!

We had so much fun. I think that The Man got just as much of a work out as J did, running after him to take pics. We were so proud. I have to admit that I even got a little choked up watching him cross the finish line so strong as they called his name and he ran through the finishing ribbon!!!!! He worked so hard and is ready to do another tri as soon as possible.

First Day of School 2009

August 13, 2009

The first day of school went off without a hitch! D’s bus comes at 7:15 in the morning, but the FANTASTIC news is that we know his driver. Ms. Kim was in our small group last semester. How fun is that?“The sun was in my eyes!”I actually did get a photo of him holding the sign right side up, but this one is so much better. 🙂

Crazy faces!

D learned how to cross his eyes, and he knows that it is a surefire way to crack me up!

J Man thinks he knows how to cross his…

Oh well!

Duelling Mohawks

July 27, 2009

J-Dawg has only 2 weeks left of his mohawk, so we decided to cut one for The Man as well.
Don’t they look tough? Don’t mess with them!

The Tortilla Man

July 25, 2009

A little mishap with bread dough (uh, I forgot to add yeast) led to my first attempt at tortillas. I borrowed a tortilla press from a friend (shout out to Kasey) months ago, but I have been afraid to try to make homemade tortillas.
When I checked my dough and realized that it hadn’t risen, I decided on plan B, and got the tortilla press out…
It was so easy!!!!!
I know that they look like pancakes in this photo, but they are tasty homemade tortillas made with fresh ground wheat. They are delicious with nothing on them fresh off the griddle.
And, here is J-Dawg’s “moon face” with his hot-off-the-press tortilla!

Little C, E, D-Man, and J-Dawg Chillin’ in B’ham

Summer Sweet Corn

May 5, 2009

And now in an effort to bury that last post, here is a cute photo of J-Man eating cold corn on the cob. Nothing says summer in the south like eating a cold ear of sweet corn- except maybe eating watermelon and spitting the seeds in the yard.

J’s class

February 25, 2009

On Valentine’s Day, we had strawberry cupcakes in J-Man’s class. He really enjoyed the super sweet icing!
D received this uber cute V-Day necklace made from saran wrap and candy. He had a really difficult time not touching it for me to snap a photo.

Mason… chillin’ with his Capri sun

J got off of the bus Monday afternoon, and said, “Guess what, Mama? I have something VERY funny to tell you.
Tomorrow is FAT TUESDAY!”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha…..
We celebrated Mardi Gras in his classroom with Masks and King Cake.

Ashley got the baby. I can only imagine what her mom thought when she went home and told her mother, “Mom, there was a baby in my cake.”


January 28, 2009

It’s not that I’m dead, just uninspired. If you can call what I do on this blog writing, then I definitely have writers block!!!!!!!!
So, I just decided to post a random photo to (hopefully) get back into the swing of things.
This is an oldie. This was in our temporary apartment in Savannah before we moved into our house. I found Jonah this way. I actually seem to remember a piece of toilet paper hanging from his mouth when I found him as well. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!

Thanks again to the three of you faithful readers who support me even when I don’t post. 🙂 Love you!
In joy, Troye

Party Pooped!!!

December 31, 2008

What a holiday season! This was the year of the party.
We started with pajama day in J-Man’s classroom and the arrival of The Polar Express. Do you see the children sitting on the train? Their second grade book buddies joined us for the party.

After Ms. Corrigan read The Polar Express to the class, the teachers served a hot cocoa bar with fresh whipped cream, mini marshmellows, crushed peppermint, and colored sprinkles.
One second greader declared it “the best hot chocolate” he had ever tasted! Thanks, Buddy!
After hot cocoa, we got a call from the office that a very cold package had arrived from the North Pole. Our jingle bell necklaces had been shipped via magic straight to our school. They were still cold even!

Next was D’s holiday party at school, in which all I had to do was send in a couple of boxes of graham crackers. Whew!

Check out this cute kiddo in the Santa hat.

Next was J-Man’s school party. We decorated the teachers,decorated cookies for our snack,played a little bingo and M&M straw grab,made reindeer food to leave out for Rudolph on Christmas Eve,and made adorable snowman pins out of buttons (sorry no close up photo), and jingle bell door hangers.Somewhere in those days, we even managed to decorate gingerbread houses at homeand our family Christmas tree.

There was also a grown- up dinner party complete with leg of lamb, cocktails, and peppermint ice cream cake somewhere in the mix. How did I miss getting photos of that? Hmmmm……

We then celebrated Christmas with The Man’s fam.

Complete with cul-de-sac football.
What a grab!

One of my favorite parties of the year is our annual Happy Birthday Jesus Party. Our craft this year was a terra cotta nativity.
The Force was with D-Man’s Mary and Joseph. I did not, however, allow him to glue them there like he wanted.
We read the Christmas Story and decorated our small tree with nativity ornaments,
and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (even though I am pretty sure D thinks we are singing to him here).
Finally, two days before Christmas. we had our home Polar Express party with the Sanfords.
Popcorn and cocoa…
and Jaxon’s constant reminders that the movie is about a train!

Wow! What a fun and exciting holiday season, and all of this took place before Christmas day!!! I’m settling down for a long winters nap!!!
…and to all a Good Night!