J-Man had been having a rough morning with focusing and keeping his hands to himself, so on the way to lunch he and his teacher, Ms. Corrigan, had the following conversation…

Ms. C: J, you need to have a really great lunch and get yourself under control because your mom is coming to take you to the book fair this afternoon, and you won’t be able to go if you can’t control yourself.

J: Yes, Ma’am (as he straightend his back a bit and thought)

J: But, what if someone makes an angry face at me?

Ms. C: Well, I wouldn’t like it if someone made an angry face at me, so what is something you could do if that happens?

J: I could move?

Ms. C: Yes, you could move. What else could you do? You could use your…

J: Manners!

Ms. C: Yes, you could use your manners. You could also use your…

J: Words!!!

Ms. C: That is right! You could use your words.

J: I could use my words, just like Martin Luther King did!

Ms. C: Yes, that is great. I love that you are remembering something that we talked about earlier in the year. You can use your words just like Martin Luther King.

J (walking off and mumbling to himself): I could use my words just like Martin Luther King… but, he got shot!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!


Mood Music

December 12, 2008

Jonah at the dinner table:

“We wish you a Merry August, We wish you a Merry August…”

And, yes, we allow singing at the table. I never understood why that was considered rude. ?

Merry August Everyone!!!!!

In joy, Troye

Life with Boys

December 9, 2008

Getting ready for bed…
J-Man is jumping on his bed- it is such a calming process- and yelling “Poop” into our faces.
Over and Over Again.
J-Man: “Poop! Poop! Poop!”
The Man: “If you say poop one more time, I’m going to spank you!”
J-Man: “Pee!”

I betcha that doesn’t happen in houses with all girls.

In joy, Troye!

Sounds like…

October 11, 2008

Recent quotes from the J Man:
Duh…Duh…Duh…Double You! Mommy “W” starts with the letter D!
Juh…Juh…Juh…Jee! And “G” starts with J, just like my name!!!
He is a genius.

I think we have a problem!

October 7, 2008

J decided recently that he wanted to grow his hair. For any of you that know my son, you know that he has what I call “Brillo pad” hair, and a LOT of it at that. Bless his heart. Genetics threw him a bad one when he got my hair, but he is a boy and doesn’t have the luxury of a straightening iron. When I pour water over his head to wash it, the water literally runs off the sides of his head and doesn’t even absorb into his hair.

Okay, and let’s be honest here…

Although he is starting to grow into it, the child has a large noggin.

A big, thick mop of hair is not going to help him out in the large head category.

Plus, as noted earlier, it is a pain to wash when it grows any longer than a #3 with the barber shears.

That’s a lot of information, I know. But, I needed the therapy this morning!!!

And, here is the point of my rant…

Last night in the bathtub:

Me: How long do you want your hair?

J: I just want to let it grow.

Me: Is there someone in mind that you want your hair to look like?

J: Yes, Karson.
Me: But, his hair is not that long.

This is Karson in his Kindergarten class.

J: No, Mommy. Karsyn V.

This is the other Karsyn in his Kindergarten class.

Um, I think we have a problem.

The Sequel

September 16, 2008

Jonah saw a 10th anniversary edition of Toy Story. I can’t get over the thought that Toy Story came out that long ago (actually longer than ten years). Ahhhhhh….
Anyway, I digress.
When he saw the move case, he exclaimed, “Huh! Look Mommy. They made Toy Story 10!!!”
Funny guy.

A Problem

September 4, 2008

Jonah: Mommy, I have a really big problem.
Me: Oh no, Jonah, what is your really big problem.
Jonah: I don’t know what my problem is.
Now that is a problem.

Don’t Let Me Die

August 19, 2008

We have spent so much time at the pool this summer that it is no surprise that the boys ears are a little sore. We decided to put a few drops of peroxide in their ears last night to hopefully help ward off any infections that might creep in.
The Boy screamed bloody murder and kicked and thrashed like we were beating him. And, then, maybe we did, and maybe we didn’t. It is really cool to watch it bubble up out of the ear though. I know that we are sick. This also comes from the mom who excitedly watched the plastic surgeon sew all 36 stitches into her son’s face.
As we finished, and he had to lay there to let the drops drain, he exclaimed in his very pitiful voice, “Don’t let me die.” Poor kid thought that something was growing out of his ear because we kept talking (and laughing) about the bubbles coming out.
He is now in the market for more sympathetic parents. Any takers?

Lake Lanier

June 29, 2008

We went to Lake Lanier today with some of the families from Chris’ accountability group. We had a blast. I didn’t take too many photos because I spent most of the day in the water. We took three boats out to this sand bar, and played in the sand and water for several hours. Our family rode with Mr. Joe and Mrs. Debbie in the super fast boat that you see on the far left. We spent most of our day swimming out to Mr. Corey and Mrs. Bethany’s boat in the center, and the boys jumped off the back of the boat and swam around to the opposite ladder at least 100 times. Mr. Corey also took Jonah around the lake on his tube. While the boys were jumping off of Mr. Corey’s boat, I overheard Jonah tell Daniel, “This is Mr. Corey’s boat, but that boat over there is mine.” You go, Jonah. Name it, and claim it!!! Sorry Mr. Joe.

Talking to Jesus

June 19, 2008

My morning routine is that I get up, get a cup of coffee, and have some quiet time before I get the boys out of bed. They are often awake during this time, but they know that they can’t come out of thier room until I come to get them. This morning they were especially unruly, and fighting- with lots of crying involved- so I went to intervene. I told them that it was not time to get up, and that I was downstairs trying to talk to Jesus. They needed to be on their best behavior for a few more minutes.
When I went to get them out of bed, Jonah started to run out of the room, and I called him back to make his bed. And he said, “But, Mommy, I need to check and see if Jesus is still here. I need to talk to Him too!”